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Breast Cancer Awareness

Blue Donation
Must purchase any one of the following donation options in order to enroll in our Breast Cancer Awareness Ride on Saturday, October 20th at 1:00 pm. Regular package not applicable. 100% of proceeds will go towards Breast Cancer Research.
Bronze Donation
Silver Donation
Gold Donation
Platinum Donation


Special Introductory Offer
Try unlimited classes for an entire month! Activated on first class booked (doesn't start immediately upon purchase). Must be activated within three months of purchase. Expires after one month and does not renew. Not eligible for freezes.
$49.00 /month
1 Month Unlimited
One month of unlimited classes. This package expires after one month and does not renew. Activated on date of purchase. Eligible for freezes.
$149.00 /month
3 Month Unlimited
Three consecutive months of unlimited classes. Auto-pay $129 each month. Activated on date of purchase. Eligible for freezes.
$129.00 /month

Standard Series

First Ride
One Ride
Five Rides
Five-Class Package ($17.80 per class/$21.00 savings). Expiration: 3 months.
Ten Rides
Ten-Class Package ($17.00 per class/$50.00 savings). Expiration: 6 months.
Twenty Rides
Twenty-Class Package ($14.00 per class/$160 savings). Expiration: 12 months.
*Three Ride Pass
Three-Class Package. Expires one month from purchase date. Limit one package for each 30-day period. ($16.33 per class/$17.00 savings)

Gift Cards

Buy a custom EvolvCycle gift card


* Unlike our classes, Gift Cards do not have an expiration date. You may take as long as you would like to redeem your EvolvCycle Gift Card.