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PACKAGES & PRICES: Beginning Sunday, May 9th, 2021 you can unfreeze or unexpire your pre-pandemic memberships and packages. Otherwise, your packages and memberships will still remain frozen and safe until you are ready to come back. Please keep in mind we are operated at reduced capacity and our schedule of classes is limited, which affects spot availability.


- Effective Sunday, July 18th, 2021 you are required to wear a mask at all times inside the studio and during class, regardless of your vaccination status.

- If you are not feeling well, or there is a possibility you have come into contact with someone who is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, we encourage you to please stay at home. 

- We are thoroughly disinfecting all areas of the studio with potent sanitizers and UV lighting that has demonstrated to eliminate an array of viruses. 

- We are not yet operating at full capacity. We encourage you to arrive early to class to choose a bike you are comfortable with. 

- Our new schedule with longer gaps between classes will allow us to properly sanitize and ventilate the bike room between classes. We will add classes and expand our schedule as time goes on. 

- We have done our best to eliminate high-contact points around the studio by limiting access to certain amenities.


- Our class schedule opens every Sunday at 1:00 pm. 

- Please check in at the front desk, while maintaining at least a six-foot distance from others. You must sign up for class ahead of time and your name must appear on the class roster when you check in (read below for details). We will verify your temperature and you will be cleared to enter the bike room. You may use the hallway benches to put your cycling shoes on and there will be space underneath the benches to store your belongings. Please do not bring anything inside the bike room besides water and a towel. Your instructor will greet you inside to provide assistance as needed. 

- When class ends, we encourage you to stay for the entire cool down, unless it's an emergency. This will allow everyone to exit in a safe fashion. Please bring cycling shoes back to the front desk. Please do not linger at the studio after class. As much as we miss our social connections, we need to safely distance and reduce contact. 


- Unfortunately, there will be limited access to some of our complimentary studio amenities during this time in order to follow the recommended guidelines. 

- BRING YOUR OWN TOWEL TO CLASS. It is not advised that we run towel service during this time. If you do not have a towel, you may purchase a brand new one at the front desk. 

- We will still be providing complimentary cycling shoe rentals. We are following a thorough disinfection process. If you are interested in purchasing your own pair of cycling shoes and have any questions, please email info@evolvcycle.com

- There will be no access to showers. 

- Please bring only what you need for class into the studio and do not leave valuables in the car in plain sight. If you need to bring in other items, you may stow them underneath the hallway benches or behind the desk with our staff.


- If you cannot attend your scheduled class, you must cancel at least 4 hours ahead of the class start time. If you have an unlimited package and cancel within 4 hours before the class start time or do not show up to class, you are subject to a $15.00 fee. If you are not on an unlimited and either late-cancel or no-show, you will lose the class that held your spot. Please be mindful of cancelling on time. 

- We lock our doors when class begins. We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes before the class start time. New riders are especially encouraged to arrive early and will not be permitted into class if they do not arrive at least 5 minutes beforehand. This may sound extreme, but we are doing all we can to promote health and safety at the studio. Our riders are our family, the studio is our home and we will treat the space accordingly. 

- You must reserve a class in advance in order to attend and your name must appear on the roster when you are checking in at the door. In other words, we are not accepting walk-ins. If a class is full, we will not be offering standby entry or waitlists. You are more than welcome to keep an eye on the schedule and enroll yourself if a spot opens in a full class. You are also welcome to call the studio during our open business hours to check on availability. Once again, if you do not have a spot in class before arriving to the studio, we are unable to accommodate you. 

- We trust that everyone will abide by an honor system if they need to late-cancel out of class due to any emergency. 

* All packages will still remain frozen and we will honor any expired classes. 


Enjoy our signature 45-minute class experience for a private group of your choice. The studio will be closed to the public and your group will have exclusive access to the entire studio. You choose your class day, time, and instructor. For booking, please click here. 


Sun10.17 Mon10.18 Tue10.19 Wed10.20 Thu10.21 Fri10.22 Sat10.23 Sun10.24
EvolvRide SJessie 8:30 AM 45 min
EvolvRide SCara 10:30 AM 45 min
EvolvRide Jessie 12:00 PM 45 min
EvolvRide Jessie 8:30 AM 45 min
EvolvRide Cara 10:30 AM 45 min
EvolvRide Katie 5:30 PM 45 min
EvolvRide Jessie 7:00 PM 45 min
EvolvRide Carli 8:30 AM 45 min
EvolvRide Jazz (instructor) 10:30 AM 45 min
EvolvRide Cara 5:30 PM 45 min
Hip-Hop Tuesdays Cara 6:45 PM 45 min
EvolvRide Jessie 8:30 AM 45 min
EvolvRide Cara 10:30 AM 45 min
EvolvRide SCarli 5:30 PM 45 min
Drop It Like It's Hot Jazz (instructor) 7:00 PM 45 min
EvolvRide Cara 8:30 AM 45 min
EvolvRide Lynsey 10:30 AM 45 min
EvolvRide Stacy 5:30 PM 45 min
Hip-Hop Thursdays SJessie 6:45 PM 45 min
EvolvRide Jazz (instructor) 8:30 AM 45 min
EvolvRide Cara 10:30 AM 45 min
EvolvRide Cara 8:30 AM 45 min
EvolvRide Stacy 10:30 AM 45 min
EvolvRide SJazz (instructor) 8:30 AM 45 min
EvolvRide Carli 10:30 AM 45 min
EvolvRide Jessie 12:00 PM 45 min