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Know Before You Go: 

New riders MUST arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the class start time or they will not be permitted into class. 

Booking: Our weekly schedule opens every Sunday at 1:00 pm for enrollment.

Late-Cancel & No-Show Policy: Out of courtesy towards our riders and instructors, if you cannot attend your scheduled class, you must cancel at least 4 hours ahead of the class time. Unlimited package holders who cancel within 4 hours before class or do not show up to class will be subject to a $12.00 fee. If you are not an Unlimited package holder and either late-cancel or do not show up to class, you will lose the class that held your reservation. Please be mindful of cancelling on time!

Running Late? If you are running late, please call the studio ahead of time so we do not release your spot in class. When class is full but there are riders are standby, we begin releasing spots to these riders precisely 2 minutes before the start of class on a first come first serve basis. Latecomers will not be permitted after 4 minutes into the start of the class time.  

"F" signifies a class is full. When there is a cancellation, the class will open automatically and whoever enrolls first will get the open spot. We do not have an online waitlist. If you are committed to taking a class that is full, we strongly encourage you to periodically check our schedule for openings. Most cancellations occur a few hours before class. You are welcome to come to the studio as a walk-in before class, even if it is full. We will release open bikes 2 minutes before class begins. Priority is determined by who arrives at the studio first. 

FRONT ROW: "I'm following the instructor."

SECOND ROW: "I'm working to follow the instructor."

THIRD ROW: "I'm just a beginner" or "I need to modify." 

EvolvRide: "Our signature class emphasizing strength, endurance, and mindfulness as you ride to the beat of the music. The instructor will guide riders through a variety of choregraphed movements to achieve a full body workout."

Sculpt & Burn Bootcamp: "Some tough love. Our bootcamp class has more edge compared to the spiritually-geared EvolvRide. Expect more interval training (intense hills vs. intense speed) and building on resistance to target specific muscle groups."

Valuables: Please do not bring any valuables to the tudio or leave them inside your car in plain sight. 

Pro-tip: Stretching before class and especially afterwards is the most important part of your workout. Please stay through the cool-down, as it is your time to decompress, breathe and stretch. 


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EvolvRide Lynsey 7:30 PM 45 min
EvolvRide Lynsey 5:00 PM 45 min
EvolvRide Lynsey 5:00 PM 45 min
EvolvRide SLynsey 6:15 PM 45 min