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Booking: Our weekly schedule opens every Sunday at noon for enrollment.

Late-Cancel & No-Show Policy: Out of courtesy towards other riders and our instructors, riders on any type of Unlimited package who cancel after our 2-hour window will be subject to a $12.00 late-cancel fee. No-shows are also subject to a $12.00 fee as well.

Running Late? If you are running late, please call the studio so we do not release your spot. We begin releasing spots to walk-ins 2 minutes before the start of class. 

"F" signifies a class is full. When there is a cancellation, the class will open automatically and whoever enrolls first will get the open spot. We do not have an online waitlist. If you are committed to taking a class that is full, we strongly encourage you to periodically check our schedule for openings. Most cancellations occur a few hours before class. You are welcome to come to the studio as a walk-in before class, even if it is full. We will release open bikes 2 minutes before class begins. Priority is determined by who arrives at the studio first. 

FRONT ROW: "I'm following the instructor."

SECOND ROW: "I'm working to follow the instructor."

THIRD ROW: "I'm just a beginner" or "I need to modify." 

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EvolvRide Orlando 6:00 AM 45 min
EvolvRide Orlando 6:00 AM 45 min
EvolvRide Orlando 8:30 AM 45 min